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Zara’s Diary: Me & My Health- Challenge #1- Prepping our body- Day #1

1 Feb

Ok so it’s the 1st Feb and I will be taking part in Me & My Community’s ‘Me & My Health’ monthly challenges. This month’s challenge is to drink only water, no other drinks- no tea, no hot chocolate- NADA. When the  I was told about this challenge, I knew it was what I needed.  For a while now I have been trying to increase my intake of water. I say ‘increase’- well my water intake is pretty much non existent. And it shows. It shows in my skin. I feel it when my eyes get dry, when I am not motivated. I strongly believe that dehydration is the cause of many an illness. And now it’s time to change before dehydration has a really negative effect on my body.

I am not saying it will be easy. I love a cuppa. Especially in the morning. And the evening. And in between. So for me, drinking only water will be a battle. But if it means me taking care of my body and become healthier, the battle will be worth it.

So this is my first morning. For the past week or so I have stuck to having warm water with a slice of lemon with my breakfast, so I wasn’t having my morning cuppa anyway. But this morning, at the start of the challenge, I missed it. Because I knew I wouldn’t have one for the whole day. My one fear is, apart from giving in to that cheeky little teabag- is not drinking anything at all, which is a usual habit. So along with cutting out other beverages, I will make it my aim to drink my recommended daily intake of water.

With these diary entries I hope to document my progress and hopefully inspire others to take part!

Sit tight y’all- it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!!

~ Zara

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Review: Me & My Hijaab’s First Bookclub Session

20 Dec

I recently met a wonderful sister at the recent Smoky Not Smudgy fashion event and through social networking she introduced to the Me And My Hijaab organisation. SubhanAllah (Glory be to God), it was like divine intervention as I had recently started practising properly. Although I’ve been wearing my hijaab for a good few years now, I was working on strengthening my imaan (faith), finding my Muslim identity and most importantly, setting a good example for my kids. As we all know, we are constantly in a spiritual battle- a inner jihad with ourselves, and living in a  non-Muslim country has its challenges when it comes to our Muslim identity. It was very important for me to surround myself with like minded sisters who shared the same interests as myself when it comes to faith etc. Continue reading

Some messages we received from sisters who came to our first coffee morning:

28 Nov

“It was really lovely chatting yesterday. I thought I was only going to be there until 12:30, instead I left at 4- I think because all of you guys were great! You guys did a great job organising it and I look forward to the mummy mornings too.” ~ Ayan 

“Had a great time, already looking forward to our next meeting!” ~ Aaminah 

“I had such a nice time, was so refreshing to meet nice sisters.” ~ Alecia / Khadijah

Me & My Hijaab’s Coffee Mornings- Review

28 Nov
Alhamdulilah (all Praise due to Allah) I met these wonderful ladies- diverse backgrounds and different talents, but all with the ultimate goal in mind. Mothers, students, entrepreneurs, activists, fashionistas- all under the umbrella of a MUSLIMAH (Muslim woman); Maa shaa Allah.

It was so encouraging to see sisters who are active within the ummah (Muslim community) with regards to female empowerment and development- I learnt so much just by the way a sister carries herself and handles the challenges of life.
Simple coffee morning- which has encouraged me to stay strong and understand that I am not alone in my journey.
Sisters, Thank-you. Warmth and smiles all around- Maa shaa Allah.
Thanks again for welcoming me.
~ Selina

Rumi’s Kitchen- Initiative Review

28 Sep

When I first heard about Ulfa Aid’s ‘Rumi’s Kitchen’- I thought it was an amazing initiative. A place where the homeless, non-Muslim and Muslim, can go and have a nice meal and some companionship is a service that Muslims today should work hard to provide, but unfortunately, in London at least, we are lacking in this area.

I decided to check it out for myself and was excited to go. The venue is a large, spacious hall below Cricklewood Mosque. When I entered, brothers and sisters were busy in the kitchen. More brothers and sisters were sitting at tables, speaking with homeless people. The atmosphere was cheery, and calm, despite the rush in the kitchen.

After the meal (shepherds pie, trifle, soup, feta cheese salad- to name afew of the lovely dishes!) everyone was treated to a storyteller.

It was so touching to see that such effort had been put in by all there, to make people feel welcome. Everyone wore name tags which immediately broke down barriers, and there was not a plastic plate, piece of cutlery or cup in sight, adding to a homely yet classy feel.

I was extremely proud of all there, working so hard to pull it all together. If you wish to serve your community, then I would highly recommend you get involved!

Many thanks for letting me join in!

~ Zara